Alkaline Bathes In Millions In New Single ‘We Up’: Listen

Dancehall artiste Alkaline has dropped another new single titled We Up yesterday on YouTube.

The last we heard from the Vendetta Boss was over a month ago when he released the music video for his single Ocean Wave and the official audio for Cree literally a week apart. Ocean Wave has raked in over 8 million views; audio and visual combined while Cree is triumphantly sitting on 2.8 million views so far.

Alkaline conquered the local music charts upon the release of his singles Nah Fi Like, Cree, and Ocean Wave, claiming the nos. 1, 2 & 3 spots last month on Apple Music in Jamaica since the streaming service became available to subscribers on the island.

It’s about time to treat the fans again and word of his new single is already out. We Up has over 200k views, along with 30k Likes and more than 6k positive comments after being released just yesterday July 13.

Leave it to Alkaline to impart some clever lyrics. In his new track, the deejays says he takes care of his business every time and it’s the only thing on his mind; after all he needs to keep his money ‘up.’ He’s not looking for fame but more so fortune, “millions a bade inna, suh mi nuh need nuh bathroom/ couldn’t learn dis in a classroom, never want work fi nuh body in a costume/ Pile up the cash money nuff cya done it,” he says.

As he pulls you in for the intrigue of his unpredictable rhyming, he wastes no time to brag about his wealth, “More than tutty (thirty) pon di wrist/ money loud till it a jump, rain all a fall in a di club when we a stud. ” Then of course he shows off his irresistibility to the ladies, “Haffi get yuh gal/ nu have fi do nuttn fi have dem gal yah in a mi pants,” are just some of the verses he throws around.

Produced by Armzhouse Music and distributed by Johnny Wonder, check out the full version of Alkaline’s new single ‘We Up’ below:


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