50 Cent and Cuban Link Split, Unfollow and Delete Each Other Photos On IG

Exclusive: 50 Cent and Cuban Link have broken up after three years of dating.

Fans started speculating after the rapper suddenly stops following her on Instagram and both deleted photos of each other. Neither 50 Cent nor Cuban Link, whose real name is Jamira Haines, have commented on their split, but sources are telling Urban Islandz that they parted ways weeks ago, and it was somewhat amicable, meaning there is no bad blood, but they are also not friendly and not in any form of communications.

“Am surprised this wasn’t leaked long before now because its been weeks now and its amicable so nothing to see here,” a source familiar with the couple told us. When asked if they remain friends, our source said, “not really.”

50 Cent and Cuban Link started dating in late 2019 when they met at a party in New York City. The couple has been close since, and even at one point were living together. But Fif has since moved to Houston, and Haines stayed in NYC to finish her law degree. The distance might’ve put a strain on their relationship, especially since the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ rapper is almost always on the road touring or working the sets of his over two dozen TV shows and multiple movies in development.

The first signs of cracks in their relationship started earlier this year when 50 Cent’s former G-Unit member turn enemy, The Game, exposed DMs from Cuban Link dated back to 2015 lusting after him. At the time, Fif and the West Coast rapper were locked in a bitter back and forth on social media after The Game stated he wanted a Verzuz with the rap mogul.

In one of the DMs, “video girl?? [side eye emoji].. keep in mind.” Jamira responded to the post saying that she simply wanted to be a video girl and nothing else, which is why she slid in his DMs. The Game later shared a tweet dated back to 2014 where Cuban wrote, “the game so handsome lawdddd [cat heart eyes emojis].”

50 Cent never addressed the DMs or tweets, but Cuban Link was adamant that there was nothing to see here. Additionally, the messages were long before she started dating Fifty.

When Fif turned 47 in July this year, Cuban Link shared a sweet birthday message for him on Instagram, calling him “My favorite person.”

“The epitome of a Man. There’s so much to celebrate you for; your love, generosity, diligence, the list can go on! You are nothing short of a blessing to many!” she wrote.

She has since deleted the post, as well as all traces of 50 Cent on her profile. It’s unclear if the rapper took back the Mayback truck he gifted her for Christmas in 2020. At the moment, she is still following him, but Fif has already hit the unfollow button on the Gram. Cuban was also in attendance at Fifty’s Tycoon weekend party in Houston in August.

Article Source: UrbanIslandz.com

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