Jabbaa De Mawdis

Disc Jockey and Announcer

Brian “Jabbaa de Mawdis” Charles has been entertaining since childhood, often the catalyst behind classroom theatrics. However, he has been in the industry officially for 8 years. His energetic, upbeat style as a “MC” earned him a spot on Boss 104 FM since last June, a position that’s been met with rave reviews.

It was asked to him why he chose this particular field, his answer is that it choose him.

“From the time I picked up a mic and realized I had the power to create a certain hype and excitement, I was hooked. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve set the tone for someone’s mood or uplifted an individual. Music in itself is emotional, my job is to cue said feelings even before the song plays.”

Based on feedback from his listeners, it’s clear he is well on his way to fulfilling his purpose.

Listen to Jabbaa de Mawdis Monday to Thursday from 9PM to 12midnight,Fridays from 3PM to 6PM, Saturdays 12PM to 4 PM, including a 2 hour televised segment.

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